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How do you know if you can benefit from Easy Switch?

If your current fixed internet connection (1) is for residential use (2), then you can find the necessary Easy Switch information that you need to confirm to your new operator on the main page of the online customer zone with your current operator. Your current operator may not force you to take any action on that page in order to display the data, for example: by clicking to another page.

You can also find the necessary Easy Switch information on your invoice: the information should be clearly indicated.

If you don’t find anything that refers to Easy Switch, you probably don’t have a fixed internet connection (1) for residential use (2) and you will not be able to benefit from Easy Switch. Do not panic: you can still terminate your contract by sending a short message to your current operator after the activation of your new service(s).

(1) Fixed television is also included in the Royal Decree, but is not being mentioned on this page by edpnet because we do not offer such service.

(2) Subscriptions for professional use are not included in the Royal Decree.

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