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How do I operate the answering machine using the voice menu

Operating the answering machine using the voice menu

Using the voice menu you can operate the FRITZ!Box answering machines with any telephone connected with the FRITZ!Box. For example, you can turn the answering machines on and off, listen to messages, or record your own greeting. Your own greetings may be up to one minute in length.

Before you set up the answering machine, please, listen to all the previous messages you have.

1. Configuring a telephone to use the keypad function

The following steps are only necessary if the telephone is connected to the "FON S0" port or you are using a cordless telephone that is not registered to the FRITZ!Box's base station:

If you are using a telephone that is registered to the base station of your FRITZ!Box (for example, a FRITZ!Fon), you do not have to configure it to use the keypad function.


Configure the devices so that you can dial special characters (such as * and #) or send keypad sequences (sequences of symbols and digits, such as *121#) with them.

Many Gigaset telephones can be configured as follows:

  • select "Operation at a PBX" from the telephone's menu
  • select "Dialing options"
  • enable the option "Dial * and #"

2. Operating an answering machine

  1. Pick up the handset of a telephone connected to the FRITZ!Box. 
  1. To access the voice menu of the answering machine, press ** and then the internal number of the answering machine, for example **600.
You can find the internal number of the answering machine under "Telephone Book > Internal Numbers" in the FRITZ!Box interface (http:/ .
  1. Let the voice menu guide you or press a key to operate the answering machine.

Overview of the voice menu

If menu items are missing from the voice menu, then you must turn the answering machine on first. Not all of the voice menu items are available when the answering machine is turned off:

1 Play back messages
  If you do not have any messages, you will hear two short audio signals and then return to the main menu.
  5 Delete message
  7 To previous message
  9 To next message
  # Back to main menu
  0 Listen to menu again


Delete all messages


Switch the answering machine on and off


Record greetings
  1 Record greeting message
  2 Record announcement
  3 Record closing announcement
Recording menu
    1 Listen to greetings > Select greeting with 2
    5 Delete greeting/announcement
    8 Record greeting > End with 1
    # Back to main menu
    0 Listen to "Record greetings" menu again

Back to main menu
  0 Listen to menu again


Enabling recording or announcement mode
  Recording mode: Callers can leave a message after the recording
  Directions mode: Callers cannot leave messages


Listen to main menu again
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