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Calling to VAS numbers

Calls and messages to VAS numbers will be mentioned under the heading of  'third party services' on your invoice. This amount is paid in full to the service provider. If you do not agree with the invoiced amount, you must lodge a complaint with the service provider directly, who can pay back the disputed amount. Your service provider will give you all the necessary information and draw up a specific invoice for the service.

If the maximum call time of 10 minutes is exceeded, 090x calls with a minute-based rate will be automatically disconnected. For all calls costing more than €1 per minute or per call, the service provider will play back a free message to customers reminding them of the maximum rate so that they can break the connection immediately without incurring any costs.

You can find an overview of the maximum rates per number range below.

Attention: Calls to these special (VAS) numbers, eg. 090x, 070, ... (except for 0800 numbers) are blocked. You can unblock this option in my edpnet after activation of your subscription.

Number Maximum rate (prices include VAT) Type of pay service
070 xxx xxx Max. €0,30/minute General
0900 xx xxx Max. €0,50/minute  
0901 xx xxx Max. €0,50/minute or call  
0902 xx xxx Max. €1/minute  
0903 xx xxx Max. €1,50/minute  
0904 xx xxx Max. €2/minute  
0905 xx xxx Max. €2/call Games, contests, logos, ring tones and other entertainment products or services
0906 xx xxx Max. €1/minute For adults
0907 xx xxx Max. €2/minute For adults
0909 xx xxx Total maximum call cost: €31 General


Emergency numbers

Number Rate Type of pay service
100 Free Fire, medical emergency or ambulance
101 Free Police
102 Free AWEL : Support for children and youngsters (Dutch)
103 Free Ecoute Enfant : Support for children and youngsters (French)
105 Free Red Cross ambulance
106 Free Tele-Onthaal support and advice (Dutch)
107 Free Télé-accueil support and advice (French)
108 Free Telefonhilife support and advice (German)
112 Free Pan-European number for all emergencies


Special toll-free numbers

Number Rate Type of pay service
0800 Free Toll-free numbers
1700 Free Vlaamse overheid
1718 Free Service public de Wallonie
1719 Free Service public de Wallonie (German)
1765 Free Pension special number
116000 Free Child Focus: missing children

EXCEPTION: calls to 078 numbers

078 numbers are special numbers that allow contact with a particular service of a company (pre-sales, after-sales, teleshopping ...). The fee to call a 078 number is the same as the edpnet fee for a call to a regular fixed number (€ 0.025 per minute). Calls to 078 numbers are included in the Plus Pack, which can be optionally ordered with your edpnet telephony subscription.

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