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Using edpnet mobile abroad

How can I reach edpnet helpdesk from abroad?

  • You can reach the commercial helpdesk from abroad on following number +32 3 265 6700 (from Monday to Friday, from 9h until 17h).
  • You can reach the technical helpdesk from abroad on following number +32 3 265 6700 (from Monday to Friday, from 8h until 19h).

Prior to going abroad 

1. Prior to leaving, you should check if Roaming is activated on your phone.  Roaming is activated by default. You can check this by calling the edpnet helpdesk.

2. Creating your secret code for Voice Mail. You need a password to check your 'Voice Mail' messages from abroad. Prior to leaving, you can create your secret code or reset your secret code if you have forgotten it by calling your voicemail and following the prompts. 

Edpnet Mobile recommends you do not use a simple code (such as 1111, 1234 etc) and to keep this code a secret in order to prevent access by unauthorized third parties.

Can I use edpnet mobile every where

edpnet mobile will work worldwide for outgoing and incoming calls and SMS. Mobile data is only available within the countries of the European Union (zone 1). There is currently no way to use edpnet mobile outside zone 1.
You can check our price list to see which countries are included in zone 1

Selecting an operator abroad 

Usually your phone automatically selects the local network with the strongest signal. If you want to select a specific roaming partner, go to the network settings of your mobile phone and manually (as desired) or automatically (network with the best coverage) select a network. For more information about changing these settings, consult your mobile phone’s manual.

Calling from abroad 

When you dial a number, you always need to enter the dialling code of the country you are calling. This is not necessary if you are making a national call (within the country you are travelling in).


  • You are in France and call a Belgian number – you dial: +32 3 219...' 
  • You are in France and call a number in the UK – you dial: +44 171...'' 
  • You are in France and call a number in France – you dial: 0487...' 

If you wish to use the phone directory when you are calling from abroad, make sure you have stored the numbers in international format (starting with +32, then the dialling code without a zero, then the phone number).

Mobile data abroad

Data not working abroad? Check your mobile data settings on your device.

  • APN is
  • Do not fill in any username or password.

Receiving calls abroad 

You can receive calls abroad without a hitch. Remember that receiving a call abroad is also charged. The call is charged per second after the first minute.

Sending and receiving SMS messages from abroad

It is possible to send and receive SMS messages from abroad. Modifications to the SMS settings are not necessary. When you send an SMS message, keep the same principles used for calling in mind, for example adding the country code: +32.

Using voicemail abroad

In case you get an incoming call while you are abroad and it is passed to voicemail, in fact, two calls will be charged:

  • incoming call at a roaming tariff (as the call is automatically answered in this case and is transferred to voicemail)
  • outgoing call at a roaming tariff (as the call is transferred to your voicemail in Belgium)

The same applies when a call forward was set to another Belgian fixed or mobile number.

Check the network selection upon your return 

When you return to Belgium, your phone will automatically reconnect to the edpnet Mobile network, provided you did not switch to “manual network selection”. If you experience problems in gaining access to the edpnet Mobile network, check your settings and make sure you are on “automatic network selection”.

Calling your voicemail

You can reach your voicemail by dialing from abroad: + 32 495 075 000


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