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How can I listen to my voicemail on edpnet Mobile

Listening to voicemail (National)

  • The first time you call 1964, you will get an explanation of your voicemail account.
  • Every time you have a new voicemail message, you will receive a text message to inform you of it.
  • You can listen to your messages at any time by simply dialing 1964
  • To listen to your messages from a different device, dial +32 473 151964. You will be required to identify yourself by entering your phone number and a personal identification code. As soon as this is verified, you will gain access to your messages.

Listening to voicemail (International)1

  • Dial +32 473 15 1964 or 19642
  • Listen to the message and enter your password
  • Listen to your messages

In case you get an incoming call while you are abroad and it is passed to voicemail, in fact, two calls will be charged:

  • incoming call at a roaming tariff (as the call is automatically answered in this case and is transferred to voicemail)
  • outgoing call at a roaming tariff (as the call is transferred to your voicemail in Belgium)


1Calling internationally will be charged as a normal call

2Some international networks have support for the shortened number 1964. You will be made aware of this by a text message when entering the country.

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