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What is MMS

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and allows you to send and receive pictures, sound and text through your mobile. So, sending along photos, films or sounds, it all works through MMS.

Most mobile phones support sending and receiving mms messages. You need to activate MMS and configure your mobile phone.

When you receive an mms and your telephone does not support it, you always receive a message from a website where you can view the mms or listen to it.


  • Max. size MMS message: 300 kByte
  • Saving an MMS: on the handheld: unlimited; through the website: 1 week (if the recipient does not support MMS)


After your first connection to the new network, you will receive a text message with your mobile data settings.  If this automatic configuration doesn’t work for your phone, please, find the necessary MMS-settings below: 

- APN:
- Username: mms
- Password: mms
- MMS Service (MMSC):
- MMS Proxy:
- MMS Port : 8080 


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