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What is a Worry Free Installation

  • You will be contacted by edpnet to arrange an installation date and time.
  • The installation will be performed by an edpnet technician.

What do you need to prepare BEFORE the installation

  • Make any decision beforehand: upon his arrival, the technician needs to be informed of what he needs to do and where you need him to do it, so that no valuable time is being lost.
  • Make sure that the technician has easy and full access to any location he needs to be at, and that nothing is blocking his workspace.
  • During the day of the installation, make sure that somebody is reachable via the telephone number provided during the ordering process.
What is a Worry Free Installation
In case the technician cannot start with the installation for any reason whatsoever, like not being able to reach somebody via the contact telephone number, nobody being present or available at the moment of his arrival on site, no identification on the door bell, no access to a location, being denied permission to perform necessary works at a location...
- He will leave.
- The “Raw Copper Installation: Test & Label” will then be treated as a wrongful intervention, and charged likewise. A new appointment date will have to be set, resulting in the DSL service being activated with a delay.

THE INSTALLATION: What is included

What is a Worry Free Installation
If you are planning to install your modem in another space than the one in which the Proximus entry point is located, or your modem is currently installed there (like in a server room, an apartment, a specific office somewhere in the building, …), you must ensure that there is free internal wiring present between the Proximus entry point and the desired location. Proximus nor edpnet are responsible for any internal wiring.
  • Installation and configuration of the xDSL-modem (in case obtained via edpnet).
  • Testing the line quality and –speed.
  • If the technician considers it as necessary, placing telephone cabling (VVT) between the NTP2007 and the modem (max. 15 meters).
  • Securing the wireless network.
  • Connecting the xDSL modem onto the network card of 1 PC or laptop (network card not included).
  • Transport costs and 1 work hour are included in the price, as well is the eventual cost of the NTP2007 and the splitter.
  • Edpnet will perform a so-called pre-install in case you already have an active xDSL connection in order to minimize the interruption of your internet access on the activation date, meaning that:
    - We prepare your current installation for the activation of the new edpnet internet service
    - The edpnet xDSL modem is being pre-configured and set up (though not yet connected)
What is a Worry Free Installation
Please inform us in advance of any specific configuration requirements (modem in bridge, port forwarding, ...)
You keep on using the internet via your “old” subscription (and equipment) until the switch to the new edpnet internet service. Upon activation, you need to physically connect the edpnet modem.After the installation the technician will ask you to sign an intervention form.

THE INSTALLATION: What is not included

  • Any works not mentioned here-above as included are automatically NOT included, like for example, but not limited to, internal cabling works (between floors or rooms), the installation and/or configuration of any non-edpnet equipment, internal network or software...
What is a Worry Free Installation

Please carefully read the Special Installation Terms and Conditions, which can be found here

Please carefully read the full description of the worry free installation, which can be found here


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