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Acquisition edpnet


Will edpnet continue to exist?

Yes, we do our own thing as a separate company within the Proximus group.

Will you continue to communicate as edpnet?

Yes, we have our own voice, apart from Proximus.

Will the price of my subscription increase soon?

No, we do that very rarely (in 2022 we increased by € 1, after 10 years), there is no increase on our agenda.

Will my subscription change?

No, nothing changes. Your subscription will remain as it was.

Will your services change now that you are part of the Proximus group?

No, edpnet remains edpnet. Our services remain just as good.

Do you now also offer TV?

No, we offer 'internet only', without fuss. With our unlimited internet, you can stream as much as you want. Most tv channels have an app with all of their programs, series and films. Add a Netflix, Disney or Streamz subscription and you're good for the whole family.
Here you’ll find useful tips & tricks.

Will there be a social rate?

No, edpnet remains a separate company. As an internet provider you are obliged to offer a social rate under specific conditions, which edpnet does not meet.
Here you will find more information.

Will your internet really remain unlimited?

Yes, there will be no fine print. Our internet remains limitless.


Will Proximus have access to my personal data?

No, edpnet remains a separate company and Proximus has no access to your customer data.

Does Proximus see my data usage?

No, Proximus cannot view your data and usage.

Will I receive advertising from Proximus?

No, your data will not be shared with Proximus

Installation and modem

Will a Proximus technician come and install my modem?

This was already the case for the installation of your VDSL or fiber connection. In addition, we still have our permanent team of edpnet technicians. In concrete terms, nothing will change in our way of working.

Will the free choice of modem disappear now that you are in the Proximus group?

No, we do our own thing, also in terms of free modem choice. We will continue to offer our high-quality FRITZ!Box modems.

Invoices and payments

Will Proximus now send my invoice?

No, you will receive your invoice from edpnet Belgium bv from 1 April.

Do I have to activate a new SEPA/direct debit?

Yes. If you paid with us automatically, you will receive a letter and an e-mail to activate a new SEPA online.

Do you want to do that already? You can!

  • Surf to and log in, using your 'my edpnet' username and password.
  • Enter your IBAN number and create your mandate.

On your next invoice you will see that your mandate is active.


Are you moving from the Orange network to that of Proximus?

That is not planned yet, but there is a chance. You would then be able to keep your SIM cards, and our rates remain the same. We'll notify you, should this happen.

I have poor coverage at my address via the Proximus network, what now?

We can be straightforward about that: you better switch to a different mobile network, in that case.
View the network coverage in Belgium here.

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