The constant threats on the internet

Access to the internet is indispensable and today we consider it a commodity. We depend on the internet, which makes us vulnerable to the dangers of it. Every day there are massive attacks with viruses, ransomware, hackings, exploits, etc. Securing your company’s network should be your top priority.

As an IT manager you are never sure which new threat is ready to attack your network and destroy your data.

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All-in-one Sophos security solution |
Self-learning security system

Self-learning security system

But, with Sophos' security solution, this will belong to the past. Where classic solutions make use of lists of known malicious viruses, leaks, malware, etc. and thus make updates afterwards, Sophos goes a step further: it starts from the used (attack) techniques, and proactively detects new (unknown) attacks. It has self-learning capabilities that constantly evaluate threats. A decisive factor why edpnet chose Sophos.

Through this self-learning process, suspicious data is detected and investigated faster and more accurately. The process detects and blocks in time and it takes preventive action (even if malware on 1 specific end-device becomes active, the device will be completely shielded from your network, in order to prevent worse). Afterwards the process restores data to its original state.

Simple & Secure Wi-Fi

Simple & Secure Wi-Fi

Getting insight into what is happening on your wireless networks is a daily struggle for many IT managers. The Sophos centralized Wi-Fi management solution helps you to easily identify which users and traffic are using the most bandwidth. You can take any necessary steps to improve performance.
The solution is easy to deploy and to manage. Your wireless network(s) will be up and running in no time. You will get great wireless performance with the Sophos Wireless Access Points.

Besides that you can have controlled internet access for visitors, contractors and other guests on your network: set up a daily password or time-based vouchers, customize guest access to display the hotspot portal with your own terms of service and branding, …

How does it work

How does it work

In addition to a central Sophos Firewall that is installed in your network, all end devices (PCs, smartphones, etc.) in the office, at home or on the road, are provided with the necessary Sophos software. From that moment on, both the Sophos Central and client software are constantly in communication with each other.

That is the strength of Sophos: Synchronized Security. Your complete network with all clients and the Firewall join their forces. It is a simple and effective solution that provides even better protection against advanced threats.  Via a central management web page you can easily add, delete, and analyse devices. You will be informed of any security risk. 

With Sophos you finally have the situation under control!

Why you should choose Sophos

Why you should choose Sophos

  • An all-in-one solution: anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-cryptolocker and firewall
  • Synchronized security: Firewall and all clients communicate with each other
  • Centralized Wi-Fi management & security
  • Centralized client management in the cloud
  • Simple yet very sophisticated
  • Monthly invoicing based on usage
  • Protection without delay, users do not notice a delay in the use of their device
  • Sophos is internationally renowned and it is a market leader in the SME segment

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