All-in-one Sophos network security solution |

Why choose Sophos over classic internet security?

Sophos protects more efficiently
Classic solutions use lists of known viruses, leaks, malware, etc. with updates afterwards. Sophos is one step ahead of this: it uses known attack techniques as a basis, it proactively detects new, unknown attacks and shields your network (even if only 1 device is infected). It evaluates every possible threat and is constantly learning. That is the decisive reason why edpnet chooses Sophos.

Sophos is the easiest to manage all-in security system on the market
Sophos lets your firewall, your anti-virus clients and your Wi-Fi network communicate with each other. Compare it to an event where different security teams are present. Safety is only guaranteed if all teams communicate with each other. What makes Sophos even better is that you can easily manage this entire system centrally.

Why does your company need Sophos?
A common example: suppose one of your employees opens a link in a phishing email. Sophos then detects the malware and places it in quarantine. The infected PC is shielded from the rest of your network until the threat is removed. This prevents attackers from stealing data from your network or even encrypting your entire system. And that saves your company a lot of time and money.

Managed Sophos XG Firewall

Starting at € 50,00 per month

With the Sophos Security Gateway XG 125 you get a super solid Firewall. The XG 125 comes standard with a basic license that you can expand further.

  • Firewall including IPSec, SSL VPN and Wi-Fi protection
  • Enterprise Guard for additional network and web protection included
  • Repair within 8 hours
  • Installation included
All-in-one Sophos network security solution |
All-in-one Sophos network security solution | Central
All-in-one Sophos network security solution | Real-time
All-in-one Sophos network security solution | Innovative
All-in-one Sophos network security solution | Easy to
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Central management

You manage everything yourself via a central web tool: your Firewall, your anti-virus clients and even your entire Wi-Fi network. You simply add devices and you analyze, while Sophos reports continuously. You easily identify all traffic and users to whom you grant controlled internet access on your network.

Sophos simply and effectively protects against advanced threats, finally putting you in control of the situation. From now on, your defenses are more coordinated than those of your attackers.

Synchronized Protection

Another strength of Sophos: Synchronized Security. Your entire network, with all clients and the Firewall, are constantly communicating with each other. Everything works as one: Sophos shares all information and automatically responds to threats. The Firewall isolates infected devices from your network and prevents further damage. Sophos connects the dots so that your network, endpoint devices and data are protected. Result: fewer infected devices and better protection against attacks and data leaks.

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Real-time protection

Sophos continuously updates its protection real-time, without delay. All users continue to work equally fast on their PC.

Innovative protection

Sophos goes far beyond prevention. It is a machine-learning solution that links suspicious behavior to activity, using real-time threat alerts. From malicious URLs to web exploit code, from unexpected system changes to command-and-control traffic.

Easy to expand to all your branches

With a Sophos Remote Ethernet Device (RED) you can easily and cost-effectively secure each additional branch. You don't need any technical knowledge. You simply connect the RED to the internet, and the RED securely connects you to your firewall via a dedicated VPN tunnel.

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