Sophos, a self-learning internet security solution

Why choose Sophos over classic internet security?

This self-learning solution detects suspicious data faster and more accurately. It blocks malware preventively, and completely shields it from your network (even if the malware becomes active on 1 specific end device). Afterwards Sophos restores your system to its original state.

What makes Sophos so unique?

Classic solutions use lists of known viruses, leaks, malware, etc. and updates afterwards. Sophos goes a step further: it uses known (attack) techniques as a basis and proactively detects new, unknown attacks. It evaluates every possible threat and it is constantly learning. That is why edpnet strongly prefers Sophos.

Sophos secures your Wi-fi

IT managers have difficulty detecting exactly what is happening on their wireless networks. Sophos' central Wi-Fi management makes it easy to identify the traffic and users who consume the most bandwidth, so you can improve performance.

You can also grant controlled internet access to visitors and other guests in your network. You can set a daily password or distribute temporary vouchers and you can personalize access to the hotspot portal with your own terms of service and branding.

Sophos = simply superb

The strength of Sophos: Synchronized Security. Your complete network with all clients and the Firewall are constantly in communication with each other. It is a simple and effective solution. You manage yourself: you can easily add, delete and analyse devices.

Why Sophos?

All-in-one solution

Sophos is anti-ransomware, anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall in one

Central management

Easily managable via a central web page

Clear invoicing

Monthly billing based on your usage

Protection without delay

Sophos protects without slowing down, users work just as fast on their PC

Ask for your free audit

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