Joyce Rom

Management Assistant Kegels & Van Antwerpen

With the edpnet cloud telephony solution, we notice that quality is much better. It is simple and transparent and gives us significant savings …

Joyce Rom

As a professional and independent insurance broker, Kegels & Van Antwerpen is specialized in providing insurance to SME, non-profit organizations and private individuals.

Joyce Rom, Management Assistant at Kegels & Van Antwerpen, says: "Within the strategy of Kegels & Van Antwerpen, we do not want to manage servers or telephone exchanges at our location. That also fits our business strategy: we want to ensure our business continuity and security. Choosing a cloud telephony solution was an obvious next step. '

"Our first experiences with edpnet's solution are positive. We already had a VoIP solution but the call quality was not optimal. With the new solution, we notice that quality is much better. Financially, there is a remarkable difference. Previously we had a 3-part system via our former VoIP provider, Orange (Mobistar at the time) and a satellite supplier. This system was expensive and complicated. The edpnet solution is simple and transparent and gives us significant savings. "

For the employees themselves, the new solution is very user-friendly. In addition, home workers do not longer lose any functionality and they notice the improvement in their call quality. It is like working at the office. Before they had to work with call forwarding on their mobile phones when working at home.

Meanwhile the edpnet cloud telephony solution has been implemented in the subsidiary office in Nijlen. And they would even recommend it to the SME’s they work with.

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