Companies lose huge amounts of money to ransomware attacks |

Companies lose huge amounts of money to ransomware attacks

The numbers do not lie: in 2019, 51% of companies worldwide experienced a ransomware attack (in Belgium even 6 in 10 companies). Hackers blocked their data and demanded a ransom for it. Read below how you can protect your company against this.

What is a ransomware attack?

With ransomware, hackers block data or IT systems in exchange for a ransom. Many companies actually pay, because they are not prepared. Below are a number of tips to protect your company.

NEVER pay ransom to hackers

Repairing your IT systems and restoring your data costs a lot of money, anyway. According to a Sophos report published in May, almost a third of the victims (32 percent) in Belgium payed a ransom when their data was encrypted. The repair costs amounted to an average of 340,000 euros. By paying, you maintain this criminal system.

Backups are a lifesaver

Make regular backups. Store them in the cloud, but also offline. Some hackers are able to sabotage your online backups. With a backup at hand, your data is safe and you don't have to give in to the hackers' demands.

Insure your business against ransomware attacks

Cover your business by taking out insurance against hacker attacks. This way you minimize the financial damage, and with a good backup you’ll only lose time. Other than that, you’re safe.

Keep your employees alert

Did you know that 3 out of 10 attacks are caused by opening an infected file? This is done by opening an attachment via e-mail or by visiting unreliable websites. And where you used to quickly recognize those mails and websites (for example due to the faulty language or strange URLs), hackers now often take a more professional approach.

Therefore these golden tips for your employees: Never open an email attachment of unknown origin, and handle attachments from acquaintances with care. Always check the underlying URL before opening a link, and never, ever, ever share passwords online or on the phone.

The best tip of all: a good firewall keeps hackers out

With decent software, like that of Sophos, you protect your servers and all online devices of your employees against possible ransomware attacks. The software also protects you against viruses and malware. This way, your entire network is safe.

Why does edpnet recommend Sophos?

Sophos is anti-ransomware, anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall all in one.

  • You manage everything easily via a central web page
  • You receive a clear monthly invoice, based on your usage
  • Sophos protects without even slowing down, users work just as fast on their PCs

Request a tailor-made quotation and protect your company now!

Are you protected against Ransomware?

Find out here how Sophos secures your network!
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