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When do I choose a High Upload profile?

What is a High Upload profile?


Edpnet offers an opportunity to give priority to the upload (transmission) speed instead of the download (reception) speed when a VDSL connection has a longer distance from the street cabinet.  In certain situations the upload speed of your line can be more important than the download speed. For example, think of homeworkers (they get files from the central site) or Voice-over-IP-solutions (a phone conversation requires both upload and download equally).  

The High Upload profile has a maximal upload speed of 10 Mbps and a maximal download speed of 16,5 Mbps. If you already have a connection with the upload speed of 10 Mbps, it doesn’t make any sense to choose a High Upload profile.  


How do I know if I can benefit from a High Upload profile?

You can check if a High Upload profile is available on your line by means of our tool on the website.


How do I choose a High Upload profile?


When you place your order, you have an option to choose a High Upload profile. You can also change your current profile into a High Upload profile by contacting our customer service. 


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